• Journal Kimia Mulawarman has been published in advance using print media ranging from volume 1 to volume 12 with print ISSN and review with a hard copy.
  • Starting this Volume 13, Journal Kimia Mulawarman uses print ISSN and electronic ISSN.
  • A change in the Author Guideline has been made in terms of template header and page number position.
  • A change in Jurnal Kimia Mulawarman cover has been made for the Volume 14 edition
  • This journal uses OJS version 2.4 which is then upgraded to OJS 3.0.2 having problems so the whole database is lost. The Journal Manager and the admin tried to restore the data uploaded in July 2017.
  • In February 2021 - December 2021, the team could not access the review tab and form in the website.
  • A few changes on the journal template for Volume 20 Issue 1 (from two column to one column)
  • Jurnal Kimia Mulawarman had a problem (suspecting getting hacked) on August 14, 2023, in which all file submissions, revisions, and published articles were lost. Jurnal Kimia Mulawarman Team now reupload all deleted file.
  • Changing and Advance for Journal Template start in Volume 21 Issue 1 (2023)

ISSN: 1693-5616 (Printed)
ISSN: 2476-9258 (Online) (from Volume 13 Issue 01 Tahun 2015)



Journal Kimia Mulawarman published twice a year (May and November)



To check the Plagiarism manuscript submitted using the application Plagiarism checker and Turnitin.